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Shams Tabrizi's psychosomatic personality can solve many of the nodes, ambiguities and prejudices about his personality. The character of Shams Tabrizi, like many elders and mystics, has been unusual, obscure and unpredictable, and there is no doubt that no one can recognize him as it is, and this research is a step towards understanding some of his features and can not be said Doing such research will reveal all of his personality traits. And this is not unusual for someone like Shams. In this research, using a trait-based approach in personality and relying on the 5-factor theory of McCarry and Costa, bringing witnesses of examples of the behavior and characteristics of Shams from various sources to the characterization of Shams. In this research, What was shams What were his psychological characteristics? How was it behaving in different situations? Etc. are answered. Since Shams's contradictions are contradictory and due to his inner and epistemic conditions, as well as the variability of his behavior in relation to external situations, one can not definitely comment on his personality traits. But with all these interpretations, the achievements of this research show that the characteristics The personality of Shams Tabrizi in this theory is as follows: In the components of extroversion and the inferiority of the personality of Shams Tabrizi in the middle of the continuum, that is, the characteristics of each of the poles is the factor of extroversion and neuroticism. In openness, consensus, and task forces, it became clear that Shams's personality is more in line with these factors. That is, he has personality traits such as: modest, heart, rest, loving, lawful, task-oriented, hard-working, devotionally free.
alireza atashzar
Keywords : Shams Tabrizi ، Character ، McCraey ، Costa ، Vikawa
From the aspects that appear to be very interesting and exquisite in explaining the artistic poetic theory of nezami , poet's poetry is a factor in creating poetry and creating poetry. The point that, in the view of theorists and early and late, has been less explicitly discussed. In this area, the extraction of references from Ganjavi showed that, like all other aspects of his thoughts, he has a well-documented framework and detailed and logical theories. He tries, in addition to using these views and findings, in the field of practice, to examine their theoretical foundations as the instructions of the work of the poets for the use of other speakers. It is noteworthy that many of the factors from the distant past to the views of contemporary modern theorists have been raised as a source of supply of poetry, which are widely distributed in Ganjawis poetry, which is extracted and The compilation of a part of poetry theory shows the poet.
morad ali vaezi - mehdi okhravi - sayyed mahdi rahimi
Keywords : Nizami Ganjavi ، literary theor ، the creation of poetry ، poetry
The study of the themes of resistance and colonialism in the poems of Farrokhi Yazdi and Pabblonruda abstract are influenced by conditions such as repression and domestic tyranny, the absence of individual and social freedoms, the usurpation of power and land, and national, legal, and legal assets, and so on. The language of this literary, explicit form and manner of appearance is diverse and different according to the circumstances of each historical period. Sustainability is not specific to a particular land, and during the battle, poets who have more powerful feelings, to compose poems With these themes, some Yazdi, poets of the constitutional era of Persia and Pablo Neruda of Chile, as two poets in the field of Sustainability Literature And resistance. They, together with other people, have taken the pen weapon against the enemy, expressed their deepest feelings and emotions in the context of the independence of the nation and the plight of the people and their constituencies. Each of them, the tongue of their time, shouted with their poems, freedom and love to the homeland. What is covered in this essay is the study of the effects of the themes of resistance, autocracy and, in general, the categories of perseverance literature in poetry Farrokhi Yazdi and Neruda. Keywords: Sustainability, Stability Matters, Farrokhi Yazdi, Pablo Neruda
Maryam Kianifar - saeed Roozbahani
Keywords : Farrokhi Yazdi ، Pabblonruda
Kings, as one of the most prominent figures in politics, have been highly praised by poets of the courtiers, but whether there has been a common or even unpopular face behind this popular and idealistic face in medieval affairs, or Not? The current research is to investigate the qualitative, analytical, descriptive and textual research methods of unknown and vague angles of Sultan Sanjar's personality based on ancient historical and literary texts such as four articles, Jahan-e-Shah's history, Seljuk-e-Payam, Raheh Anvari, Sana'i, Amir Mo'azi and Abdul Wassi Jabali will be released. The findings show that Sultan Sanjar had a gray personality, not entirely positive, not quite negative, neither was the age of the Anoushiran, nor the time of Zahak. In Armani Sanjar's design, positive features such as poetry and the emergence of a manifestation, and Abdulvaas Jebli and Anvari, praised him with poetic exaggeration, and in his negative and unpleasant face, Amir Mo'azi, though unwittingly, The poet Adib Saber called for political and spy purposes, and even Mohammad Ghazali wrote an outrageous letter about the disturbed circumstances of the afternoon and the plight of the people.
- soheila amiri
Keywords : Seljuk ، , Sultan Sanjar ، , characters, ، literary and historical texts ، , Amir Moazi ، , Adib Saber
Banoo-Goshasb-Name is an epic poem whose subject matter is the life and prowess of Banoo-Goshasb, the daughter of Rostam, and is the only Iranian national epic that its hero is a heroine lady. In scientific research, the determination of the true value of a work depends to a large extent on stylistics studies; therefore, the style of the epic poems has always been of interest to Persian literature scholars and in many researches they have been dealing with the epic and especially the epics that have been written in imitation of Shahnameh in subsequent periods. This research, which has been conducted with a thorough study based on stylistic studies, aims to show the linguistic and ideological characteristics of Banoo-Goshasb-Name as one of the epic poems of Iran. An accurate and detailed examination of all verses of this poem, based on the narrators' stories and what was said on the language of the legacies of the Persian culture of Iran, showed that this work, whose author is unknown, was among poems that has been somewhat successful in imitation of Ferdowsi. The themes of romance and grandeur, indulgence, the influence of religious thoughts and prayers, the passing of the code of marriage by the priests, patriarchy, and the mention of some ethical points are among the most important contents and ideologies of this poem.
- mohammad reza salehi mazandarani
Keywords : : Composing epic poems, Stylistics, Banoo-Goshasb-Name, linguistic and ideological characteristics

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